Welcome to Murder! Here's some ground rules:

Rule 1: Do not propblock pathways, or prevent doors from opening.
Rule 2: Do not chat/mic spam.
Rule 3: Do not harass other players in an intended/mean/disrespectful manner.
Rule 4: Do not evade bans/dodge punishments. Example: rejoining the server to get ungagged/unmuted.
Rule 5: Do not post inappropriate sprays. This includes sprays with links to inappropriate websites.
Rule 6: Do NOT gun camp = Do not hover over the gun as murderer, to prevent others from getting it.
Rule 7: Bystander/Murderer - Do not prolong the round. Staff will intervene if necessary.
Rule 8: Murderer and Bystander CANNOT team, meaning friends must kill friends.
Rule 9: No ghosting. Don't tell your friends who the murderer is, if you're dead.
Rule 10: RDM is allowed. This means you're allowed to shoot bystanders if you have a gun.
Rule 11: Killing a player without the gun/knife is strictly prohibited. Example: Burning props or causing fall damage.
Rule 12: No 2nd balcony (Construct Map), no propsurfing, no bhopping.
Rule 13: Staff decisions are final. Please do not try to get involved, if possible. Let staff handle it.